Data is only useful if it’s understood and acted on.

Decidable isn’t about replacing analysts. It’s about freeing data from its current constraints. Making it less complex and useful to everyone. Businesses benefit from all their team having key information on tap. Analysts are freed to deep dive into the big issues. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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For Businesses

The trouble with data is there’s a lot of it. In its raw form, it’s also a bit dull. But analysing it all takes time.
Decidable does that for you, creating easily digestible stories with all the key information you need.

Automate your regular reports

Simply hook up your Google Analytics and your feed will be filled with easy to understand insights to help you grow.

Supercharge your growth

By letting everyone in your business know what’s happening and why, they’ll be empowered to drive things forward.

Democratise data

You don’t need to be a specialist to understand complex data. All the key information is available in the bite-sized data stories.

Be data, not hunch driven

No more guess work. You’ll be able to make key decisions using real-time data and reap the rewards.

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For Analysts

The life of an analyst isn’t easy. Too much to do. Too little time to do it. It’s hard enough preparing all the data. Let alone finding the time to create stories that sell your insights in an easy to understand way. Let us lighten the load.

Automate your regular reports

Connect to Google Analytics and in minutes automatically run countless regular reports.

Free up your time to deep
dive into the data

By automating reports, you’ll have more time to really get to grips with the big issues the business is facing.

You’re still in control

Every data story can be edited before publishing, so you can add extra insights and tag key business users.

Get data at the heart of the business

Decidable is designed to be a cheerleader for analysts. We want people to not just love data, but want more of it.

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‘By truly harnessing their data, companies can move from understanding not only what and why things happened, to predicting what is likely to happen.’

Mike Bugembe
Amazon bestselling author of ‘Cracking the Data Code’
Co-Founder and CEO of Decidable

“Imagine a world in which you have an in-depth understanding of what’s happening in your complex business environment – or better still, why it's happening. Data helps answer these questions and much more. But only if it’s democratised. Everyone in a business should have access to and be able to understand the stories that our data has to tell. This is why we started Decidable.”

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Mike Bugembe