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Simply connect your Google Analytics and, in minutes, Decidable will show you
missed revenue opportunities within Acquisition, Engagement and Conversion

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What is Decidable?
Decidable is a natural language story engine that translates complex GA data into plain English data stories. Simply plug in your Google Analytics and let our AI work its magic. No more complex graphs. Just automatically generated insights in plain English that let you know exactly what’s happening in your business and where to focus to drive growth.



Some insights are interesting, but just not relevant to your role. We ensure that the data stories you get are both meaningful and impactful.

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Extracting information from data takes time. Let Decidable do it for you and enjoy business critical insights whenever you need them.

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Sometimes insights can feel artificial. Decidable’s unique AI brings them to life, gives them context and makes them more relatable.

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Bringing different areas of expertise together, the platform encourages collaboration – using your business’s collective mind to hone insights.

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Even better, you can be up and running in minutes

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Using AI to make
data more human

Dashboards aren’t evil. They’re just not very exciting. Or memorable. Only 5% of us remember facts. But 63% of us remember stories. That’s why Decidable transforms your data into stories.

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More stories, more

Stories have been told since the Stone Age. They have their own energy, passing from person to person. Decidable harnesses this power to bring your data to life and drive your growth.

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Mike Bugembe

‘By truly harnessing their data, companies can move from understanding not only what and why things happened, to predicting what is then likely to happen.’

Mike Bugembe
Amazon bestselling author of ‘Cracking the Data Code’
Co-Founder and CEO of Decidable

“Imagine a world in which you have an in-depth understanding of what’s happening in your complex business environment – or better still, why it's happening. Data helps answer these questions and much more. But only if it’s democratised. Everyone in a business should have access to and be able to understand the stories that our data has to tell. This is why we started Decidable.”

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Why Decidable is a game changer

Proprietary story engine

Built using years of behavioural economics, analytics, natural language generation, insight delivery and storytelling expertise.

Intuitive interface

The social inspired platform has been designed to engage users, encourage collaboration and inspire action.

Democratise data

With most BI tools, only 25% of employees understand the insights. Decidable lets everyone be part of your growth.

One version of the truth

As well as a hub for your data, you can record all decisions,actions and commercial outcomes in one place.

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Wait, there’s more

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Automate bespoke KPIs

Tailor your insights to your specific needs. Get daily, weekly or monthly reports, with everything you need to grow your business.

Support your analysts

The core Decidable platform is the perfect host for analysts to craft their data stories. They can answer questions and provide insights, supporting your teams even more.

Train your team in data storytelling

Data stories are relatively new. So we offer an array of data storytelling training options – in-person and online – to help you make the most of your data.